The following verification test case compares the results from The Thermal Wizard calculation to a numerical simulation using MAYA's TMG Thermal Analysis software. The input values and results are shown below.

Inner Radius 0.05 meters
Length 0.6 meters
Temperature at Inner Surface 100 oC
Heat Flow from Inner to Outer Surface 25 W
Layer 1 Thickness and Conductivity 0.01m and 3.5 W/m2C
Layer 2 Thickness and Conductivity 0.01m and 0.8 W/m2C
Layer 3 Thickness and Conductivity 0.03m and 0.1 W/m2C

Comparison of Results

The Thermal Wizard

Tn = 74.7 oC

MAYA TMG Thermal Analysis

Tn = 74.6 oC

Below is a contour plot showing temperatures. The inner temperature (hottest) is 100C and the outer temperature is 74.6 oC.